Moving to Lima, Peru to Help Launch a Food Company

Hey it’s Andrew from Limitless,

I’m moving to Lima, Peru.

The opportunity came up about three days ago when I got a phone call from a man who is the Founder & CEO of a food company based out of Boulder, Colorado. I met him at an investor group last year and he wants me to run his online marketing for him as the product gets launched into the U.S. health foods market.

In exchange, he is providing me with:

  • 2-3 Months of Free Housing,
  • All You Can Eat Free Food,
  • Flights (one-way, I’m going to travel Europe after Peru, instead of back to the U.S.),
  • Cash as Spending Money While I’m There
  • 8% Royalty for Any Sales I Create for Him in the Net 12 Months

The total amount of work I’ll be doing comes to 3 hours per day.

Outside of that, I’ll build up Limitless Academy,, as well as my YouTube channels to start driving more traffic into my brand. I think my unique brand will be teaching business topics on one channel, personal development topics on the other; filmed with cool backgrounds in various areas of the world.

My goal is to get 365 videos filmed internationally as I travel the world for a few years; before coming back to the United States and (maybe) settling down. I can’t stay in one place for too long ever since I started traveling, so who knows.

During the process, I’ll also build out a network of influential people, so I foresee that networking also carrying over into the promotion of one of my upcoming books (on the topic of healthy eating habits).

Sometime in the future, I’ll record a video outlining how I networked with him, as well as how I landed this opportunity.

I originally moved back to Boulder in seven months ago to fall in love, and settle down into place.

So much for that plan…

Off to travel the world, and make a lot of money doing it…