Why Every Entrepreneur Should Sell Dog Treats

Have you ever tortured a dog before?

You open up the container of dog treats, shake it up and wave it in front of them? Their tail begins to wag, they get excited. Then you think to yourself, “This game is fun.”.

So you tease the dog some more.

Their tail wags harder, more excited, starts salivating, jumping on you…


The dog is going crazy because he wants the treats, but he can’t eat them…

Imagine if your product as that good.

To have a product or service so amazing, that people are going crazy and can’t wait to have it.

What would make your product that good?

How to Make People Go Crazy Over the Products You Sell

I call this Magnetic Marketing.

Imagine creating a product with the charge of a magnet, where once it’s out in the market, something about it magnetically draws and pulls people in.

I’m writing a book on healthy eating habits and leading people down the path to veganism.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been talking about the book in animal rights groups, vegan social media pages, and the works; telling people how this is like no healthy eating book before. It not only gives the advice, but does so in a way that actually changes the (unhealthy) eating habits of people.

This is the book that will finally get people to listen to them; when they preach veganism.

This takes knowing your market. To put it in your perspective (if you’re not vegan), have you ever had a time in your life where you knew you were right and no matter how loud you spoke to someone, how logical you were, you just simply couldn’t get through to them?

The initial instinct is to scream louder, but you’re still not heard.

In the animal rights community, you can have an image come up as an activist yelling and screaming about how meat is murder. For most people who hear this message, it falls on to def ears. “It’s food” is what most people been taught to view it all their life.

No matter how much someone yells ore screams, there is no getting through to them.

What this does, is causes frustration with animal rights activists.

This book I am writing is strategically designed to Wake People the Fu*k Up, so they have a more open mind, and are at least willing to listen to their message.

Can you see how writing a book like this can help make their lives easier, and as this book solves this problem for them, it can draw them in like magnetism; like drinking water when you are dehydrated, you are magnetically drawn to it; because it releases the pain you are feeling.

That’s what this book does for them.

The pain they feel is that they feel they are fighting an uphill battle. No matter how loud they yell or as much as they scream, it’s almost as if their words are falling on def ears.

I’ve spent years of my life deconstructing this problem, learning everything I can about influence and persuasion, and packaged it in a book to wake people up to better healthy eating habits, and guide them down the path of what is now being found to be one of the healthiest diets out there.

It’s because most people don’t care…

Looking at it from the view of veganism:

It’s because people are so brainwashed by the things they were preached to their entire lives (lies from the meat industry, lobbyists bribing the government to place chemicals in food, and suggest that drinking dairy and red meat is good for your health…which it’s not).

Advertising campaigns that lie to the consumer, only so they can turn a profit.

At the expense of your health, your life, your happiness, and your well-being.

At the expense of the billions of animals that are pumped up with dangerous chemicals, slaughtered, and then put into your stomach. When your body absorbs the foods into your entire system, what kind of chemicals and blood can’t you see; but are in your foods that you shouldn’t be eating? There are studies that show how many of the chemicals in the food in the U.S. are outright banned by most countries in Europe.

So instead of helping the reader at least move in the direction of a healthier diet, what this book does is help Animal Rights activists and vegans the most. To have a more open-minded world who is not brainwashed and dead when it comes to being able to listen to and hear that message.

So that’s the type of Magnetic Marketing that I feel will happen when I publish this book in the vegan community. Can you see how by creating something that removes so much struggle and frustration from a person’s life, people will be magnetically drawn to it?

How can you do that for your products or services?

To be honest, it takes really knowing your audience for who you are writing for. I became one of them while doing my research. While writing it, I am asking for feedback and building relationships with a lot of people on social media who have vegan followings, so I can help have their support when this book is launched, to promote this book to the ones who are going to support it the most.

It’s bad for the environment.

The food most people eat is the largest contributor of global warming…

But most people don’t care. They are too far asleep, living their lives on autopilot, like the zombies that are walking off a cliff. They don’t care about their long term health. They don’t care about animals. They don’t care about the planet.

The only care about what tastes good now.

Wake. The. Fu*k. Up.

That’s the name of the book.

Can you see how the health market will be excited about actually being able to take control of their eating habits? How people can break free of the addictions they don’t even know they are being addicted to.

To care about their long-term health, besides food simply ‘tasting good now’

How we can start clean up this planet we live in and make people care about the long-term consequences of their actions. Since eating red meat (cows) is the #1 contributor to global warming, and this book supports ending that, can you see how this book plays into the Magnetic Marketing of the environmentalist movement?

Another pain that is solved in the world, that people are already passionate bout promoting.

Do you have kids? Do you want kids?

Imagine them being born into a world hat is polluted and bad for their health.

The Earth can’t sustain our choices like this forever.

When people Wake. The. Fu*k. Up., the world will be a better place.

So I filled this book with magnetism. The things that everybody wants and needs in their life. That it’s like a magnet when I throw it into the crowd, it’ll have a snowball effect. More and more people will be magnetically pulled to it, where the best-selling status of this book will be virtually effortless on my part.

  • It will draw in people who want to improve their health.
  • It will draw people in who want to wake up from social conditioning.
  • It will draw in people who support a vegan diet.
  • It will draw people in who want to save the environment.

Can you see how there is a slight sense of Magnetism that will draw people in there.

Now, going back to the dog treat analogy.

The three questions to ask yourself?

  1. Who, specifically is your market? Really get to know them.
  2. What do they want? Get down to their emotional desires. How do you remove a specific emotional pain from their life?
  3. How can you build that sense of Magnetic Marketing into your product, so it attracts people like with my book? Before it is even released, I have many people anxiously anticipating it’s arrival.

That’s the last part. Start talking about what you do within communities that you serve. Get their feedback, their guidance, their direction, build up the interest by taking what they say into considerations.

In the past, I created products that nobody seemed to care about:

  • Some of the first ones were just random ideas in my mind, and I spent months working on something that was doomed to fail from the start.
  • Other ones, such as my NLP Practitioner Training & Certification Program, actually really help improve people’s lives. But I tried to introduce it to a market that wasn’t aware of the specific benefits of it. The interest wasn’t built, so while the actual value was there, the perceived value was met with skepticism.

When I offer my NLP course to the NLP and Hypnosis market, the interest is already there, and I already have a Unique Selling Point (USP) that will attract people in. So the magnetism is built around the existing emotional needs of your market.

Who, specifically are you communicating with?

So, in summary if you build your product or service with a magnetic pull like a dog jumping and excited for a dog treat, can you see how it’ll be desired from the start?

Take a deep, long reflection at the products you are selling.

Does it make people jump up and down ready for it like the dog with the dog treat?

Now that’s the important part about building a remarkable product or service, because when you do so and it’s out in the market long enough…over time, sales will become effortless. Happy customers will turn into happy referrals, which will eventually lead to free, viral marketing and growth for your business.

Magnetism is Broken Down into Two Areas:

  1. Perceived Value – In late 2018 or early 2019, Ill be releasing a training course on Magnetic Marketing, that will help build out the perceived value (through your marketing). I currently offer personal coaching and consulting for that.
  2. Actual Value – This is the actual value your product delivers to the market. When the Magnetic Marketing hypes it up, you want to make sure your product delivers. Limitless Academy, and Andrew Alexander (Founder &CEO), currently offers an affordable self-study video training course (and business a business coaching package) to help you build your product or service so it reaches this viral growth factor, through Magnetic Marketing; Click on the banner below to learn more about that today.

Email me at Andrew@LimitlessCEO.com if you would like to learn more about Magnetic Marketing or Developing a Product or Service that’ll be destined to sell from the start.

-Andrew Alexander, Business Owner – World Traveler, Founder of Limitless Academy