How to Optimize Focus, Concentration, and Energy Levels for Business Owners

Every business owner could benefit from an increased amount of energy put into growing their business.

Every Morning You Wake Up with a 100% Charge on Your Mental Energy. What You Decide to Do with This Energy, and Where You Decide to Waste it, is Up to You.

Here’s an Analogy: Do you know those carnival games where you shoot a steady stream of laser-focused water at a target, and the focused energy keeps pushing the lever up to the top (image below)?

  • When you maintain your focus and concentration for an extended period of time, you get the results you are looking for and growth happens, and
  • When your focus is sporadic, all over the place, weak in intensity, and inconsistent; the lever goes down and you seldom reach the end goal you are looking for.

Improving focus and concentration in business is the same way; but instead of a stream of water flowing; it is a stream and a conscious flow of mental energy.

The topic of this article is how to improve your Focus, Energy Levels, and Concentration as a business owner; how tap into flow state and how to achieve more in your business starting right now.

The average business owner wastes thousands of hours over his or her career by not properly managing their energy levels. The 10-15 minute read of these lessons will alleviate all that, so you will have more sustained energy and productivity going into building your business in the long run.

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How Your Hardwired Fight or Flight Response Drains Your Mental Energy

Our brains are hardwired to put our guards up when something in our external environment leads to stimulation.

It’s a survival mechanism.

For our caveman ancestors, if something is rattling around in the bushes; it alerts their attention and the emotions start preparing them for fight or flight mode.

For the past thousands of years, this has been hardwired into our DNA, and the world out there knows this, and uses every trick in the playbook to captivate and hold your attention:

  • When the Skype notification appears in the corner of your screen, you are alterted.
  • When an email comes into your inbox from someone you’re excited to hear from.
  • When the Facebook notification comes in (it dings, and a red notification hovers there).
  • When someone messages you on Facebook messenger, the tab in your browser flashes and goes back and forth notifying you that your friend messaged you; until you go answer it.

All of these things lead to a physiological reaction in your body that triggers a mild (but very real) version of a fight or flight response in your emotions. The reason for this is because your DNA relates that notification on your phone to a dangerous animal jumping out of the bushes; and you have to shift your attention to it in order to survive.

What does this ultimately do?

It diminishes the amount of non-physical energy that transfers from you, is transmuted into physical energy, and takes away whatever it is you are working on.

To create a visual: Imagine as if your energy is built up inside of you and you can shoot it out as a laser beam into whatever it is that you’re working on. You’re writing out an email to a prospective client.

When you have a clear, dense, steady stream of focus; the energy you are putting into something is stronger, more productive, more efficient, and steadier than if that laser beam was diluted in intensity by being split in 5 different directions.

Can you see what I’m saying?

So let’s say you’re working on the email, and you get a message on Facebook. “John sent you a new message.” flashes on the screen nonstop until you address it.

The emotions you’re trying to channel into the work you do are being unconsciously drained by the part of you that is wanting to put your energy into responding to that message. When you fight it and try to resist responding, the resistance in itself is an additional emotion that  drains you out of your flow state.

If your battery starts off at 100%, each and every thing you do subtly drains it a small %. So that is how these subtle distractions can distract you from the work you are doing in this present moment.

Why it is important to remove all distractions: There is actually a study done that says when you break concentration on a task, it takes an average of 25 minutes to get back into focus.

This does not include the time wasted by focusing on distractions in itself (such as YouTube videos, talking to people, etc.). This only includes the time where you make the decision to get back to work and try to enter into the zone.

The solution to remove distractions from your workspace: 

  1. I closed all of the tabs on my browser except for this one to type the lesson to you right now. This way I will not only prevent myself from being distracted by Facebook messages, but I’d also not be tempted to go to other websites.
  2. I don’t get Instagram notifications for my phone. Aside from Facebook, it’s the other social network I use for business purposes, and it’s not a big deal if I don’t respond to DMs right away there.
  3. I turned my phone on vibrate and turned it face down on my bed so I can’t be distracted by any notifications.
  4. I turned Skype on do not disturb, so the notifications don’t go through to the top right corner of my desktop (I use Skype for my business).
  5. I close my door to my office, lock it, and place headphones on (I’ll talk about this shortly) so there are no outside sounds or distractions that will take me away from my productive work sessions.

Ultimately, in the realm of things that jump out of you and steal your attention (diverting the laser beam away from your work task and watering it down into different areas), what specifically has broken your work flow and distracted you in the past?

When you trigger this fight or flight response, this diverts energy away from your mental focus, and slows down the work you can accomplish today.

Conserve Mental Energy by Minimizing the Number of Decisions You Have to Make

Internal Organization: Next, is to consider how many difficult (or easy) decisions you have to make each day; remembering that this is an article about reaching higher levels of peak performance state.

Years ago, I remember reading an article by Mark Zuckerberg that says he wore the same outfit every single day because simply the act of choosing which outfit to wear in the morning would drain too much of his mental energy away from the mission at hand with his business.

  • Do you have to decide what foods you’re going to eat for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner?
  • What clothes you’re going to wear each day?
  • Should you work from home, go to the office, or work from your laptop out of a coffee shop this morning?
  • Do you keep a calendar of daily tasks, or do you have to mentally remember meetings, appointments, and things each day?
  • Do you have an evening ritual where you write down your main tasks you want to accomplish the next day, or do you wake up in the morning and try to figure it out from there (mental energy drain which often times leads to less productivity)?

To make note, on that last one – I purposely don’t write down the task I have to do the following day. As a writer, this morning when I woke up, I had a burst of intuition to write about this specific topic on my computer this morning.

Instead of following a logical list, I have a morning ritual where I sleep in until I naturally wake up (6:30), and then go back to sleep for another hour before I get out of bed, open my laptop (before I do anything else, including eating), and start typing an email out of flow state with whatever important topic is on my mind.

I continue to write these words until I run out of things to say, (while also following the practices above to release all distractions). This way I can most effectively channel my flow of mental energy. The most important task of the day is fueled by the cleanest form of flow state before the daily distractions and drains kick in.

After this morning ritual of flow state is complete, I go back to my logical thinking of what I need to accomplish in the afternoon, I write it down on a sheet of paper; get a morning cup of coffee, and then go from there.

When you reflect upon past days, or even today; notice what specific decisions you have to make on a daily basis and notice how they subtly drain the energy out of you. Energy that could be placed into the things that matter the most.

How to Tap Into Flow State

There is a spiritual belief that inside of us is an infinite source of quantum energy that we can tap into. When we open up the channel, this energy flows from (whatever dimension or realm it’s in) through our bodies and out into the physical world. When you learn how to tap into this flow state and this type of energy, it does not drain your mental reserves because the creative flow is simply flowing through you.

I know that sounds wishy-washy for a lot of business owners such as myself, but when you look at athletes in the zone, or if you have ever achieved flow stat yourself; you know what I’m talking about.

When I write these words from flow state, it does not lead to a mental drain because the intuition and burst of insight for what I’m inspired to write on comes from a deeper place of increased energy, and not from a drain of mental reserves.

In the past, a lot of the frustrations, struggles, and logical thoughts that have served me in life made a lot of noise at the surface, and blocked me from reaching the meditative state of being in the zone.

I have done years of hypnosis, emotional balance self-work, and meditative practice to get to this point where I can reach flow state on a daily basis; so the detailed procedure for this is best reserved for another lesson and I cover this in great detail and lengths in my peak performance training programs.

One of the elements of this is to clean up your past emotional baggage.

Clean up Your Past Emotional Baggage: There are tools and resources in the program (The Timeline Release Technique, the Emotional Forgiveness Process, etc.) that help clear out your past emotional baggage so you don’t hold onto emotions that drain you and block you from achieving this energized flow state. Even while typing this up to you, I had a thought about a client that frustrated me from years ago; and the frustration from that thought could have been dragged on for hours (and keep coming back for years).

Through this emotional release phase of your journey, you’ll learn how to release the things that once bothered you and take control of your emotional state. If you’d like me to send you a video on that technique, email me at and reference this article and what you’re looking for and I’ll send you over a sample.

While most business owners hold grudges, hold onto things for too long, or get too caught up in the toxic emotions and frustrations; if you’ve put in the work to release all of that; this is what will lead you to having a more productive life.

Increased Productivity in an Organized External Environment

While clearing up your internal organization leads to increased energy that can be channeled into your work task:

  • One laser beam of energy into the task.
  • Zero laser beams shooting around and beaming off all of the thoughts in your head.

Beyond that, is your level of external organization.

I cleaned up the desktop on my Mac and put everything that was once on my main screen into a single folder titled _STORAGE. If I need to get to a document, I’d go into there.

When you take your mind off of this one task and you go check ESPN, Forbes, or some online forum/media outlet; all the different tabs open on your computer lead to subtle energy drains by being pulled in different directions. You see them out of the corner of your eye in your unconscious awareness.

This too, is another subtle drain of energy (which adds up over time).

On my computer, I organize the files in clearly-marked folders, I only have one folder on my desktop, and organize my tasks using the online organizer, Trello. Google Calendar is synced to my appointment scheduling software, so clients schedule calls without my involvement.

I work from home, and when I was in my 20’s (unless I had a date coming over), my apartment and room was a mess. Now, every morning (after I write) or at night before sleep, I get in the habit and ritual of cleaning my entire room to perfection. Bed is made, desk is empty (minus my computer, water, coffee, and a pen and a pad). I even place my wallet and keys on a book shelf out of sight for more open flow of energy in my environment. This was something I’ve never done in my life before, but the external organization is merely a reflection of your organization on the inside, and by maintaining this habit, it leads to more organization and structure in the workplace.

How is your room? Your kitchen? Your office? The computer desktop and folders? Your work environment? Is it organized, or are things a mess? Your car.

Good habits build successful habits.

It makes a huge difference.

How Fitness & Exercise Drain Your Focus & Energy

The Wrong Way to Exercise (for Energy & Focus): After I wrapped up three and a half years of traveling (different cities across the U.S. and Europe), in September of 2017, I finally settled back into the city of Boulder, Colorado. I gained some weight while on my travels, so I immediately jumped into a stringent workout and exercise routine.

I would wake up first thing, put on my hiking shoes, and climb Mount Sanitas, one of the most difficult and challenging hikes in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (close to 2,000 feet of elevation gain). While most leisurely hikers would take their time and go up the mountain at a slow pace, I threw on a heavy backpack, and anchored myself to the mission of getting to the top as fast as possible.

While it takes most people an hour to get up, I’ve gotten up to the top in as little as 26 minutes.

Over the next three months, I lost 50 pounds; so from a fitness and weight perspective, it was amazing. I even ate a burrito from Chipotle most days of the week after the hikes while still losing weight.

But what this led to was an energy crash in the middle of the day.

Remember all the subtle energy drains I talked about earlier in this lesson? How deciding what shirt to wear is an energy drain. After this workout, my energy reserves for the day were completely gone. I would take a two-hour nap in the middle of the day and barely be able to focus after it at night.

I found the same thing for doing heavy weight lifting in the morning.

This is where the well-balanced life comes in. If you’re in weight loss mode and fitness is your priority (over business), that’s a very effective way to lose a lot of weight very fast. But if you’re in decent shape already (or you don’t really want to focus on fitness at this time in your life), there are ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday schedule.

When I take a light hike through the mountains of Colorado (flat trails), the fresh air and increased oxygen intake actually brings more energy into my system. The endorphins flowing release the grogginess and I have this level of energy throughout the day. Hiking through nature does that for you. Some light cardio (even if it’s the elliptical at the gym) does that for you too.

But remember, when you push yourself too far (especially early in the day), it drains the energy that will get you hard to focus on important tasks of getting to work.

The solution here (in terms of business productivity) would be to schedule any weight lifting or heavy workouts until after work. And perhaps some light motion (yoga, fast walking, hike through an easy mountain trail) in the morning to get the endorphins flowing.

How to Get Back into Flow State After You Get Distracted

The other thing I noticed is that when I go out in the middle of the day, it used to be difficult to get back into work mode and back into flow state. Lunch with friends, a hike with my business mastermind group; my energy would be going all in different directions and it would be hard to get back to my computer and do work.

That’s where meditation comes in.

A cooling down time of the body and the emotions. I mix traditional meditation with EFT tapping (which helps balance out and level out the emotions). I set the intent of one specific thing to work on after I get back to work, keep that ready to go on my desktop (whether it’s to open up WordPress and type in the topic of the blog article, Adobe Premier Pro for video editing of my YouTube videos, or whatever it is); and then do 20 minutes of emotional and mental balance, to get myself back to the relaxed, calm, and energized/focus state.

Binaural Beats & Brain Wave Frequencies: As I’m typing this to you now, I have a YouTube video going with “Binaural Beats for Focus & Concentration”.

I’ll skip the technical details, but when you listen to these recordings with headphones, it places your mind in a particular vibrational frequency.

  • Beta – Highly alert and focused.
  • Alpha – Relaxed but alert.
  • Theta – The first stage of sleep.
  • Delta – Deep sleep.

All of these brainwave frequencies serve a different purpose. I remember when I was building my first business (magazine publishing), I would be in front of my computer and crank out magazines like there was no tomorrow. I would copy and paste articles from my writers in a template, I would download stock photos from the internet and place them in the template, and a lot of what I did was actually mindless, boring, repetitive tasks, so I would put on some high-intensity music (like Flo Rida) that got the energy and emotions going full throttle.

With the mindless tasks, this music put myself into a high performance state like if you’re running on the treadmill at the gym.

But with tasks that require critical thinking, writing, and strategy, which require your mental power; I use these binaural beats to put my brainwaves of the frequency of pure focus and concentration.

That’s what I’ve been doing right now and it’s been an hour of pure focused writing throughout this entire article.

So after I do my meditation and emotional balance rituals, I have my specific task I need to do ready to go on my computer, I put the added step of the binaural beats for focus together and this puts me back in the optimal state of focus and concentration.

It’s important to note that you have to use binaural beats with headphones for optimal effect since each earbud (left/right) has a slightly different frequency. If you don’t have headphones available that day, filling the atmosphere with ambient or Zen music that has a steady flow of energy (not with the ups and downs of most pop songs), will get your brainwaves more focused.

How Eating Food Drains Your (Mental) Energy

I used to go out to lunch every day. I would load myself up with fast food, fries, dipping sauce, and things that would taste delicious. I would buy coffees loaded up with sugars, which would provide a burst of energy; but afterwards it would always lead to a crash.

For my mornings, I now do intermittent fasting.

I don’t eat anything until the most important task of the day is done (usually by 12 or 1 p.m. at the latest). The digestion from the food in itself also takes up energy (away from mental energy and using it for digestion energy), which leads to a subtle lack of focus.

If you eat big meals with lots of carbs, sugars, and gluten (especially) for lunch, your bodies digestive mechanisms will take so much energy away from your productivity and put it all towards the digestive functions of your body.

This is what the call a food coma and your mental focus is gone.

When you try to power through that, it leads to a lack of flow. When you try to cover it up with stimulants (coffee, Red Bull, sugar-filled Monster energy drinks), not only is your body utilizing your energy for digestion, but your mind goes into hyper drive, and you don’t hit that clean flow-state of energy that leads to long-term and sustained productivity.

The Clean Energy Diet: In November 2017 is when I somehow tapped into this God-like source of energy where I could still hike that mountain every morning, get a lot of work done, and remain fully focused, on point, energized, and productive throughout the entire day.

I met these two health coaches. One of them travels the world and is hired by high-end clients in places like Dubai and Hong Kong to cure things like Cancer and other incurable diseases with diet alone.

She swore on this type of diet:

  1. Vegan (no dairy, no meat, no honey).
  2. Raw-Vegan (no foods cooked above 107 degrees).
  3. Soy-Free (no tofu or other soy products).
  4. Gluten-Free (no wheat).
  5. Alcohol-Free.
  6. No Sugar
  7. Whole-Foods, no chemicals or preservatives.
  8. No Porn – It drains your largest and most powerful source of energy (designed to keep the human species alive). Look up the art of energy transmutation.

The first 5 days sucked to make the dietary shift, but after the natural stage of adapting to it, something clicked in my body where I hit that perfect Zen-like energy levels all day, where I’ve never been so more productive, on point, and focused in my entire life.

I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, so I’m not sure what this diet does for the body long term, but for the three weeks I was on it, it was something everyone has to try, and I can’t even describe its power in words.

Then thanksgiving day came along, and that diet went out the window. Depending on your personal goals, you might not reach 100% there like I did, but I settled in to eat 90% like this (not everything is about productivity for me – I enjoy eating delicious foods once in a while).

Overall, by not eating in the morning before my big task, eating clean foods, getting out of bed first thing in the morning, and letting the energy flow has been the #1 productivity ritual for me.

And not eating large food-coma-inducing meals in the middle of the day. That will make you crash.

There is an ancient saying that states, “If you feel energized 30 minutes after eating this food; eat more of it. If you feel groggy or drained 30 minutes after eating this food; eat less of it.”

Which leads to the final elements of increasing focus and concentration for today’s lesson.

Remove Toxic Energy Drains

Remove the toxic people from your life who drain your energy. My ex-girlfriend always purposely started acting frustrated with me when I opened up my laptop to work and wanted to start an argument to get attention. The moment she saw me go into flow state, she would ask me a barrage of questions to purposely break me out of it.

I was never able to get any work done in that environment; so I left her (among other reasons).

That, of course, is an extreme example, but there are people in your life who drain your energy away from what’s important for you and your business (whether it’s on purpose or by accident).

Remove Energy-Draining People: I have this friend Kristen. After meeting her at a meetup group one night, we became friends and started talking for multiple hours per day. Before I know it, 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. would roll by and it’s as if time disappeared when we were talking through social media. Even though she was fun to talk to (she really was), I always felt as if there was an emotional drain on my energy every time I spoke to her. She was a lonely person, and she must have unconsciously pulled for my energy and attention. This type of thing is largely unconscious, but it does have a pull on you when you recognize it.

On the flip side, when Brittany and I spoke, it was all about ‘giving positive vibes’ to each other. We both didn’t need each to take the others’ energy, allowed each other to go away whenever we weren’t speaking; and that unconscious drain wasn’t there. Despite one night where Brittany and I also talked from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. with time slipping away, when I came out of that interaction, I actually felt more energized because we both came from a standpoint of everything to give.

  • Some people subtly drain your energy (cut them out of your life if appropriate), or at least minimize interactions.
  • Some people energize you with spending the same amount of time and energy together.

Also, take a reflection on yourself; if you every feel you come from a place of neediness, or energy-suck that you take energy from someone. This could come from a place of a deeper-rooted thing to address within yourself which will lead to being a more whole and complete person. When you become the person who does nothing but give positive energy (without needing to take anything in return), you’ll attract a lot higher quality people around you (friends, acquaintances, relationships, customers, and clients); but that’s a topic for a different story.

Create a Well-Balanced Life

Balance Positive Distractions: Have a work-life balance with clear hours of work and play.

When I was backpacking through Europe on the coast of the Mediterranean, I would open up my laptop in the common room of the hostel. When a group of a dozen or so female college students started filling the room, talking to me, asking me where I’m from, and inviting me to go to drink San Grias and spend the day at the beach with them; I obviously didn’t get any work done that day. Eventually I would get back to the hostel at 4 in the morning to finish up the client email I had to send out that day.

That’s an extreme example because you’re probably not reading this as you’re a digital nomad traveling the world; living out of hostels. But it goes to demonstrate that I could have easily scheduled specific hours in the morning (before everybody wakes up) to get the work done, and then schedule off the afternoon for fun time; so I am not torn between that balance.

Having Enough Sleep: One element that I’ve noticed that has helped increase my focus and concentration is the amount of sleep I get. To frame this up, I own an internet business. I have not used an alarm clock since 2014 (except for when I had to catch flights while traveling, and still then I hit snooze and overslept my flights on 20% of the occasions).

The way I setup my business is I know when my ‘natural’ wakeup time is.

I am usually awake by 6:30 – 7:30, rolling over to check my phone for any notifications that came in. If I have an appointment before 10:30, I set an alarm for 9:30 just to be safe.

But in general, I keep my calendar open before 11:00 a.m. and use that time to wake up when I naturally wake up. I go to bed anytime between 10:00 p.m. and midnight, when my body naturally goes to sleep.

Having this ‘natural’ sleep cycle and understanding when I naturally wake up provides me with enough rest that makes lack of sleep ever be an issue for me.

For you, is there a way you can setup your day and your business to tap into the same thing? Often times I am out of bed early and I complete tasks in the early morning that don’t require a specific schedule (such as I wrote this article early – and have most of my calls with clients in the afternoon)? Is there a way you can do the same for your business?

Or can you train yourself to go to sleep at an earlier hour, and tap into the new sleep cycle where you wake up naturally; early. I was always sleeping into 2 p.m. on breaks from high school and in college (and on weekends in my 20’s) so I never identified as an early person, but somehow even with that; I fell into the groove of waking up early now that I’m in my 30’s.

How to Recharge Your Batteries

Daily, Weekly, and Annual Vacations: There is a belief system through meditative practices that there is a place deep down inside of us where all intuition, great ideas, and sources of energy come from.

The analogy I like to use is imagine as if this deeper source of energy is coming at you through the earpiece on a cell phone. But you’re at a rock concert in the front row in front of speakers. You try to tap into this inner energy, but the constant, non-stop noise from the speakers will never allow you to listen to the call.

What I found is that when I am in work-mode and my mind thinks about business non-stop, like we all do; that fills up our logical thinking mind with all the noise, thoughts, and keeps our energy caught in a storm.

Even when I go hiking with my mastermind group, this is still not tuning out the noise from the business thoughts in my mind; and I never tap into that inner intuition when I’m in hustle mode all the time.

It gets a lot done, but it’s not the most productive work, and it often times leads to medium-term and long-term burnout.

How do you unplug?

In July 2015, I went on a road trip with this girl that I went to college with in New York. She flew out to Phoenix, Arizona and we did a week-long road trip around the Southwest together. Even on this vacation, I pulled out my camera and recorded videos for my personal YouTube Channel.

In the below video, my fitness was seriously lacking, I was amped up on caffeine all the time, my social skills were down, and my mental focus was drained:

But at the end of the video, there is a scene where I am driving near energy-efficient windmills on an empty stretch of highway between San Diego and Yuma, AZ. I dropped Samantha off in LA and in that moment after I recorded that final scene, I unplugged from my business and was completely relaxed in the present moment, listening to Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way.

The “loudspeaker in my mind” was turned off, and a burst of intuition came up to the surface; where I was able to tune into it.

That is the intuition which led to a moment of clarity, which led to one of the most successful product launches to that point in my career. All because I was able to turn off the logical thinking brain, unplug from business for a while, and start tuning into the level of relaxation, energy, and mental clarity that you need.

Once a day, I hike through the mountains of by the creek path; forgetting about business. I meditate and do emotional balance work to clear my emotional state as well.

Once a week, I go out with groups of friends who are not business minded at all.

A couple times a year, I schedule off 4-5 days to detach from business (work and thoughts) altogether, and in those moments; it’s the recharge of energy I need; and leading to some meditative clarity that is the super-charge of energy levels we need.

How to Get Back on Track When You Lose Focus

Setting a Reset Switch: While typing this article, I got off track. I took a break to get some coffee, fell into the habit of going on Facebook Messenger and another business owner messaged me saying how he wasted an hour on a sales call with someone who didn’t have $200 in his bank account (he sells a $5,000 package for his services).

We had a quick conversation about the importance of disqualifying leads so you don’t waste your time and theirs. I sent a quick recap of the conversation via email to Logan Parrette, the sales trainer at Limitless Academy, and told him that he should create a lesson in his training program on that topic.

The Surefire Sales System™ – How to Create a Sales System that Converts on a Consistent Basis by Logan Parrette

After that, I went on an entrepreneur forum, clicked on a thread about someone asking about building a personal brand, and I somehow found myself on Russel Brunson’s website and watching a video about why he does what he does (his personal life) and it stemmed an idea to create a video like that.

Can you see how one little thing that takes you off of task leads to another, and then to another, before all of a sudden you’re deep down a rabbit hole of 20 minutes to hours (or an entire day) goes by with you not channeling your energy into the most important tasks?

The solution to this is recognition of this pattern to begin with, and having some type of thought, process, or something to serve as an anchor to interrupt the task, and rest you back to channeling your energy at the most important task at hand.

For me, it is constant recognition and repetition of whenever I find myself going deep down the wrong rabbit holes; and that used to be the norm. But now it’s the exception from the default state, and the anchor brings me back to the task at hand.

What kind of reminder can work for you?

  • A mental reminder?
  • External accountability?
  • An hourly alarm that goes off on your phone?
  • Or something else?

Having a Clear Vision & Plan in Mind

By having this clear, specific, destination, it allows you to release all of the distractions which are not aligned with it (think of it as going on a vacation. If you’re flying from New York to London, you know you’re not going to be aligned with your destination by flying to Hong Kong or Sydney Australia.

Secondary to that, on the long road to get to the end destination for your business; there are many milestones along the way.

There is a very specific technique you can use to know exactly what they are, and find the clear steps and path it will take to achieving your outcomes, and placing these (as well as the future motivational strategies I’ll teach you) to use.

Anyhow, those are just some of the strategies we use to reach peak performance levels for our business.

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