Want a 60% Conversion Rate In Your Sales Process?

The Surefire Sales System I've Been Using Leads to a 60% Close Rate (Phone) & 7% Conversion Rate (Online)

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Learn the Tools & Techniques that Boosted my Conversion Rates to 60%

What's Your Income Goal in 2018? What's the Specific Number?

What If 6 Out of Every 10 Qualified Leads Turned into Paying Customers & Your Online Copywriting/Email Marketing/Sales Process Converted at 7%? Would that help?

Proven & Tested Formula

Since 2013, myself and team of practitioners have been mastering the science of motivating others, influencing, and rapidly shifting every aspect of human behavior. I'm not going to lie, but we are in the top 1% of the world with what we do...

Measurable Results

What began as a personal development and transformation practice (creating any behavior changes in 60 minutes or less) eventually turned into a series of tools and techniques that can drasticly increase the amount of prospects that turn into paying customers...

Increased Conversions

While anybody can teach sales, the true uniqueness of this program is that you will be able to reach into the very part of the human mind directly responsible for influencing human behavior and reprogram their decision to buy with a flip-of-a-switch...

Either Your Sales Process Is Struggling

Or Now Is the Time to Take It to the Next Level

Often times, it's simply that one slight adjustment that turns it all around.

We've all been there...

How many times have you thought you've closed the sale (they were interested, excited, and they even said they were committed to buy), only to never hear back from the customer again?

They bounce off your sales page without buying. Ghosted.

It's frustrating.


Was I selling based on a system? Or was I selling based on luck?

Was the customer controlling the outcome? Or was I?

At first, I would blame the customer for not immediately seeing the value that I could provide to them.

Then I started blaming myself.

What if the problem was never them in the first place? What if it was simply that I couldn't articulate what I offer in a way that leads to closing the sale? Both in person, on the phone, or online.

I simply didn't know how to sell.

I was never a salesperson.

Training Level #1

Release All Limiting Beliefs & Fear-Based Emotions About Selling


Creating a Full Psychological Transformation

If you're fairly new to the game, the problem is not that you don't have enough knowledge and training.

It's that something inside of you is holding you back from unleashing your full potential.

What If You Are Already a Natural-Born Salesperson?

The analogy I like to use is this:

As this white light, you already have all those qualities you are looking for when it comes to closing sales.

But this is where the problem comes in...

That tunnel has built up with a lot of gunk over the years.

Instead of looking out there to look for something you don't have; You simply have to shift your persepctive release what's getting in the way.

This program cleans out the gunk that has been blocking you...

Andrew Alexander, Founder of Limitless Academy

Since 2014, I've worked with over 400 clients on one-on-one transformation sessions to release these exact problems you face in your life today.

Professional Credentials:

  • Certified NLP Practitioner (2014).
  • Master Practitioner | Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2015)
  • Hypnosis & Rapid Emotional Release Training (2015-2017)

While most sales trainers talk about "Mindset", I have the actual psychological tools, training, experience, and track record of working with hundreds of clients to actual shift it for you.


The Last "Mindset" Coures You'll Ever Need for Selling:

That tunnel has built up with a lot of gunk over the years.

By utilizing the Rapid Emotional Release Techniques and the Shifts In Your Perception & Behavioral Patterns...

The ability to release virtually all of those internal blockages that held you back from operating at full-performance can be gone with the flip of a switch.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced Salespeople alike

With my services & through this Program, you will have no hestiation to operate at anything less than optimal performance...


Rapidly & Effortlessly Influence Human Behavior

The services I offer for my business are designed to rapidly increase motivation, release stress, and shift human behavior.

I've been hired by:

  • Millionaire Entrepreneurs.
  • Professional Athletes.
  • Venture Capitalists.
  • Hedge Fund Managers.

And now the same skills I helped them with are here in this program to help you...

Release Limiting Beliefs About Selling

Many of the common problems you face are not solved by training and experience alone. They can be released through by working with an internal change work specialist.

  • Limiting Beliefs About Selling.
  • You Don't Want to Be Pushy or Sleazy.
  • Fear of Rejection, Embarassment, and Failure.
  • Cold Calling Anxiety.
  • Lack of Confidence & Frame Control.

Your Limiting Beliefs and Fears About Selling Will Be Gone


Where Level 1 Will Take You:

By the time you are done with Level 1 of this training, you will already have the confidence, clarity, and certainty you need to move forward with your sales process without the fear of failure, embarassment, guilt or sense of sleaziness that might have held you back in the past

Can you see how these iternal emotional blockages been holding you back in the past?

Can you see how the right perceptions and behaviors can lead to more sales?


Get The Surefire Sales System™ Right Now

Training Level #2

The Fundamentals of Sales & Consumer Psychology


I'll be completely honest with you here...

Out of the Four Levels of Training in this program, this is the only one of them where you can learn these same things from other sales training programs and books.

  • Sales gurus such as Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone have done hundreds of millions of dollars in deals (I've paid thousands of dollars and studied under both of them).
  • Books like Ca$hvertising can teach you the basics of consumer psychology when it comes to making sales.

This is not the part of the program that makes this training completely unique.

But these are things you're going to have to learn and master anyway, so you'll learn all the sales principles regardless, in order to succeed.

Sales & Consumer Psychology Principles

Regardless if you're a copywriter, selling over the phone, content marketing, or email marketing; these tried-and-tested sales principles are things you're going to have to know like the back of your hand in order to succeed in this game of business.

Sales Principles You Need to Know:

  • Find Out Which Specific Emotions Your Market Responds To.
  • Creating a Customer Avatar.
  • Knowing the Difference Between Target Market and Ideal Customer.
  • Pre-Qualifying Prospects.
  • Overcoming Objections.
  • Building Trust, Rapport, & Emotional Connection.
  • Not Asking for the Close!
  • Asking for The Sale Before Doing These 7 Things.
  • ...and 37 other Sales Principles You Need to Know About

The Advanced Patterns of Consumer Psychology:

  • Evoking Scarcity (But Only At the Correct Time).
  • The Law of Reciprocity & Intent-Based Selling.
  • Social Proof & The Bandwagon Effect.
  • Creating a Double Bind (Cash or Credit?).
  • Natural Human Tendancies for Loss Aversion.
  • The Decoy Effect.
  • A Complete List of Cognative Biases.
  • ...and everything you need to optimize your sales process immediately.

I have a very important question for you:

Have you ever read something in a book, understood it; and then when you actually failed over and over agin until you got it right, this is when you finally understand these things at a deeper level?

Now, let me bring something to your awareness and let you in on a little secret (that I probably shouldn't be telling you).

What happened when you read that question?

Besides the fact that while your mind was distracted by answering the question, the bold text was a hypnotic language pattern that planted the suggestion of "this is when you finally understand these things a deeper level" (referencing the training you're about to take).

Aside from the basics of sales training, I am a trained expert in unconscious influence and persuation.

While pointing out that little 'trick' is something you'll never want to say to a client, it's just an example of the new things you'll learn behind the closed doors of this training program.

Back on topic...

While answering that question, you probably searched your mind for something in the past where you learned something better only after you applied theory in the real world. And it allowed you to realize that reading and learning things alone are maybe 20% of the puzzle.

But comparing this training to that past experience, you'll realize that the other 80% of what you need to learn about sales is only learned through the subtle nuances that only come from experience.

While there are many academic theory programs out there (hint: college textbooks) that teach all the theory about sales; I make it my mission and purpose to only teach you these things through real-life case studies and practical experience.

And that's what you want, isn't it?

To learn 80% more in this program (more than any other program) from someone who actually learned these things (not from theory), but from experience.

Our Unique Teaching Style at Limitless Academy

How Most People Teach Things: You want to create a customer avatar and select your target market based on demographics (Duh! Obvious. Boring. Repeated Advice.).

How We Go About It (Practically): While creating our men's dating coaching business (The Well Defined Man), we reached out to 100 young men from Facebook groups who struggled with their dating life.

We found out what their problems were, and we created a service that provided solutions through a free consultation.

When it came time to close the sale, we found out that 90% of them were broke college students who didn't have $20 to invest in a paid membership program (discounted to $5, they still couldn't afford it).

We learned things the hard way, so you don't have to.

Oh, and we still closed them on sales at a 7% conversion rate.

You learn from our failures so you don't have to. You learn from our successes so you can succeed quicker than we did.

Through that experience, we are now shifting up our traffic source and no longer accepting leads from that Facebook group (because they are unqualified leads). 18-22 year old college guys don't have money (No bueno for business).

That's just a brief example of a lesson you will learn, and more importantly how you are learning from experience and we'll give you tips and tricks to apply these principles to your business in the real world.

Where Level 2 Will Take You:

By the time you are done with Level 2 of this training, you will have all the Sales & Advanced Consumer Psychology training principles that you need; so you won't need to invest in any more courses, read any more books, because this is all the sales training you will need at this stage of the game.

Yes, you'll continue to improve your skills and get more training later, but to get started now; this program is all you need.


Andrew Alexander, Founder of Limitless Academy

Internet Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Publisher, Author, Digital Nomad

In 2013, I built an iOS digital magazine app company up to 1.3 million downloads.

After entering that phase of my life where that business was running without the need for my work, I began getting really interested in transformational psychology, hypnosis, NLP, and influencing human behavior.

I attained true mastery of this skillset through the work with hundreds of clients over the years. Learning how to reach into the deepest part of their human minds and emotions; being able to rapidly influence and shift human behavior in 60 minutes or less.


About My Life

I've sold tens of thousands of items (digital and physical products) online, as well as attaining a 60% close rate on products/services I sell for $200 per hour or $1,295 - $6,000 in a single sale.

To combine my business experience with my thousands of hours, years of experience, and working with hundreds of short-term and long-term clients; I realized I was onto something truly unique that could help out business owners and salespepole everywehre.

I won't promise that you will close 60% of sales calls or have a 7% conversion rate for online sales page offers. But what I can promise you is my experience and training in how to apply these inner influence techniques to your sales process.

Life Is About Enjoying Your Experiences

My mission in life is to help people break free from the life they feel stuck in, so they too can live the life of their dreams.

I call Boulder, Colorado home, where I spend most my mornings hiking through the Rocky Mountains. After that, I open up my laptop, grab a cup of coffee to write the latest book I'm working on, and then I spend three months out of the year packing my travel backpack and exploring a new part of the world.

Limitless is about the transformation from where you are to where you want to be. No matter how stuck you've felt in the past, the time is now where everything turns around for the upward spiral of success that is waiting for you, and that you deserve.

Get The Surefire Sales System™ Right Now

Training Level #3

Creating a Surefire Sales System


Creating a System That Converts With Absolute Certainty:

Imagine what it would be like if you could know for a fact that for every 100 people who you propose your offer to, you know exactly how many of them will convert into paying customers.

  • It Could Be a 60% Close Rate on the Phone.
  • Or a 7% Conversion Rate Online.

This way, you remove the guesswork out of the equation so you can take full control of every element within your sales process so your business is a well-oiled machine.

What Having This Will Do For You:

  • You will know exactly how much to pay to acquire each lead/customer.
  • You will know exactly which traffic source and targeting works for you.
  • You will track everything so you can see which article/brocure you send them builds more trust.
  • Things like that.

How It Works:

Send 100 leads through your sales process (or sales funnel as they call it now-a-days).



Learn what you did wrong.

Adjust & Optimize.


You see, while most people who first get into sales do so with guesswork, and they just kind of wing it; Limitless Entrepreneurs and Salespeople are all about the analytics and creating the system.

What you'll begin to notice is that most of your customers will behave in a very similar fashion.

Instead of being so focused on closing this sale, you'll be able to create a surefire sales system that is going to convert at a high rate over time.

When you do this, the only thing left for you to do is learn how to get more qualified leads going through your system, because the sales system will virtually take care of itself.

It's that easy.

Why This Program is Truly Unique...

As always, this training level will be taught with an in-depth breakdown of my own personal sales process, so I lead you by experience (and not the academic theory you'll get in other training programs).

And that's exactly how you want (and need) to learn sales, isn't it?

  • You'll learn from experience.
  • This won't be a reflection of some information 10 or 20 years ago. This program is built after every sales call I make (success or failure).
  • A real-time case study and leaading by example.
  • You'll get a workbook.
  • Videos to attain true sales mastery.
  • Worksheets to print out and use for yourself (to optimize your growth).

Now show me a book on Amazon that does all of that for you.

And we haven't even got to the best part yet...

Get The Surefire Sales System™ Right Now

Training Level #4

Something You Wont Learn Anywhere Else

(Advanced | If You're Serious About Making Sales, You Have to Learn This)

Who is controlling the outcome of your sale? You, or your customers?

The answer is actually neither...

I'll jump into your first lesson so I can demonstrate this to you for yourself (this will get technical):

Part 1 - What is your biggest fear when it comes to your sales process? Either you're a business owner and your business fails. Or your a salesperson and you can't close for the life of you.

Dont sugarcoat it, really bring up the worst of what could possibly happen if things go bad...

Part 2 - As you think of this worst-fear, bring up a picture in your imagination that represents this fear.

For me, I see myself standing on the street begging for cash to pay for a place to live (let's get real here). What is the worst of the worst that could happen if things take a turn for the worst?

It has to be an actual visual image in your mind.

Only after you have that picture in your mind, answer the following...

With that picture in your mind:

And most importantly, as you think of that fear and hold that picture in your mind; How intesnse is the emotion? 0 being nothing and 10 being the most intense. What number is it for you?

For most people who do this seriously, it's a 7 or an 8.

Part 3 - Adjust the details of the picture in your mind (and notice how it impacts the emotional level).

If you bring the picture close, make it bright, panoramic, large, and float into your body (first-person perspective), the emotions will be stronger.

From 0-10, how intense is the emotion when you do that right now? Do that right now.

If you float out of your body in the picture, make it small, in a picture frame, dark, the size of a marble; and you push it all the way into the distance; the emotions will significantly decrease.

From 0-10, how intense is the emotion when you do that right now? Do that right now.

If you're serious about learning this stuff, do that before moving on and I'll explain why it's so important for your sales process.

Why This Is So Important for Maximizing Your Sales...

There are two parts of the human mind:

One thing every salesperson should know is that we are motivated to take action based on the emotions we feel in the present moment.

We run away from immediate pain.

We run towards immediate pleasure.

The part of our mind that triggers our emotions (the unconscious mind) stores all of our thoughts in pictures and symbols.

By making those strategically-crafted fine-tuned adjustments to the pictures in the customer's mind (When it comes to their fear/desire motivators), we can use our language to maximize the emotional reaction when it comes to those thoughts.

Where this all leads you (As the Salesperson):

In this stage of the training, you'll get an in-depth look at the psychology, mental processes, and emotional physiology behind the sale.

There is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes of human behavior (and I'm going to teach you all that).

When you say specific words or phrases to impace their thoughts (Internal Representation) and Emotions (Emotional State), you will know exactly how it will impact their human behavior.

You can Anchor (associate) the emotions they desire to the very thought of doing business and buying from you.

You can Anchor (associate) the emotions they are desperately running away from to the very thought of 'thinking about it' or 'buying later' or 'not interested'.

When you learn what you're about to learn in Level 4 of this training program, you will be in full control of every apsect of the sales process.

And that is why taking this training program will lead to increased conversion rates, a higher income, and making more sales (for you and for your business).

I guarantee it (30 days).


In Summary:

I have thousands of hours, and years of experience influending human behavior for rapid personal growth. I reached the point where I could create virtually any shift in human behavior in 20-40 minutes (or less).

This is what I do (transform, influence, and motivate human behavior) for my service-based business.

When I believed in my products and services enough to not allow anyone slip through the cracks of becoming customers for my business...

I decided to incorparte these little-known psychological influencers into my sales process...

I decided to stop leaving things up to chance...

And Then I Decided to Turn My Sales Process Into a System. Where I regained full control.

Get The Surefire Sales System™ Right Now

Utilizing The Very Same Principles in The Surefire Sales System

My Close Rates on Sales Calls Surpassed 60%

The other night, I was talking to a business mentor of mine. He has many more years of experience than I do, and has a much larger business than mine. He asked me how many people (who I get on the phone) turn to paying clients.

"I don't know...at least half of them. Probably somewhere around 60-70 percent.", I said to him, not thinking much about it.

His close rate after years of experience was sitting around 40%. While he had the understanding and experience with a well-defined sales process; I began teaching him the inner-influence psychology techniques that have been working so well for me.


7% Conversion Rates from Cold Traffic Online.

One of the students going through Limitless Academy's first-time-entrepreneur startup program reached a 7% conversion rate with his first 100 leads that came through the door.

A major milestone for any first-time entrepreneur.

The reason he was able to do this is because every person has a mental checklist they go through before they make the decision to buy your product.

When you are able to deconstruct the very specific emotions and very specific thought processes that go through your customer's minds...you can use this knowledge to make sure you check off all of the boxes, and close the sale.

It's Time to Take Full Control of Your Sales Process

A fair percentage of what I'm going to teach you involves results you're already getting anyway. You're already making sales. You already understand about pain/pleasure drivers. You already know about building trust and rapport.

You're already doing this anyway...for a percentage of the time. Things happen, and you close sales. You already have an understanding why some sales are closed.

But what this program does for you is that it brings even deeper-level tools to your conscious awareness, so you can create a well-defined sales process and sales formula. Where you have 100% conscious ontrol about what direction the sales process will go in...


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Can't you see how you risk more in the long term by not scheduling it right now? What's the best you can happen, you learn a thing or two?

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Literally Everything You Need...

The purpose of Limitless Academy is to bring you everything you need in order to start and grow your business & sales process successfully today, so you can avoid the years of struggle it takes most people to get there.

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  • The Surefire Sales Process
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$2,500 - $15,000

  • One-on-One Coaching Avaialable for:
  • Private Business Owners
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions and answers.

Will My Conversion Rates & Sales Increase?

We make no guarantees. Maybe, maybe not. The claims made in this program and all materials related to it are based off of real-life examples from my own personal sales process as well as the results of some others that have gone through this training program before you. The results you get are 100% depending on your skills, abilities, and performance. Utilizing the skills learned in this training, you may make more, you may make less, or you may make the same as those others who have went through this program before.

You talk about phone sales a lot. Does this work for email marketing and online copywriting too?

Yes. Behind the computer screen, and behind the faces you look at are the minds and emotions of real-life human beings. The process and systems of influence and sales are the same either way. In fact, a lot of the in-person sales system can be automated through this system.

Who exactly is this program built for?

This program is specifically built for internet entrepreneurs, sales representatives, copywriters, marketers, local business owners, artists, athletes, authors, or anybody else who needs to sell something in their life. If you have a desire to increase conversion rates, close sales, and ultimately make more money; this program is defintiely for you.

Do you have an email for any questions I might have?

You can reach Andrew Alexander, Founder of Limitless Academy at Andrew@LimitlessCEO.com

What It's Like to Get Some Sales Coming In

When You Have a Product or Service that Delivers, It's Time to Start Making Sales.

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Now Let Me Paint You a Picture...

You want to close more sales. You want your sales process to flow more effortlessly. You want to release the struggle and frustration of the things you struggle with.

When you sign up, you'll get instant access to your online training academy with all the materials you will need.

Now, what was the specific income figure you're reaching for this year?

See how this will help?


What's the worst that would happen? This training sucks and I give you a full refund.

It won't, but I will if you ask for it.

Out of the income goals you set for yourself this year, can you see how this $300 program is a no-brainer for you?

We win this game playing offense. The people who think of this as "spending money" don't have the right mindset for this and should stop trying now. You know the type. This is an investment, not an expense.

Now go out there and do what it takes to invest in your future and increase your income today. You can sign up below and get started right now.

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  • Conversion Rates Not Where You Want It?
  • Interested In Making More Sales?
  • But Have a Question or Two?
  • Free Skype/Phone Consultation Available
  • Email Andrew@LimitlessCEO.com



  • Self-Study Training
  • Instant Access Online Training Academy
  • Release Internal Blockages About Selling
  • Sales & Consumer Psychology
  • The Surefire Sales Process
  • Real-Life Case Studies & Examples
  • High-Performance Sales Mastermind Group


$2,500 - $15,000

  • One-on-One Coaching Avaialable for:
  • Private Business Owners
  • Experienced Sales Reps
  • Corporate Packages Available

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