Close More Sales for Your Business and Build Out a Sales System that Converts on a Consistent Basis

Logan Parrette Closed Over $3,000,000 in Sales by the Time He Turned 19 and Will Teach You How to Become an Expert Copywriter & Salesperson

The Surefire Sales System™

Stop Losing Out on Valuable Sales

  • Increase Conversion Rates Online (Copywriting)
  • Close More Sales Calls
  • Become an Expert Salesperson Today

Utilizing this System:

Entrepreneurs at Limitless Academy Have Built Out Campaigns that Convert at 60% (Phone) and Up to 7% (Online)*

Who this Sales Training Program is for:

We've all been there...

A lead comes in.

They seem interested, they look like they're going to convert, but then what happens?

They say they're not interested, they'll think about it, they can't afford it, and they'll get back to you later.

They bounce off the sales page.

They disappear, never to be heard from again, leaving you frustrated and upset.

You want your sales process, your landing page, and your email marketing to convert effortlessly.

Sometimes we just need a little adjustment that makes all the difference.

Through years of experience, and millions of dollars exchanging hands, a sales system was created.

Become an Expert at Influence, Persuasion, Copywriting & Sales

The Sales Skills You'll Develop in This Program Will Last You a Lifetime

Online Marketing & Websites

Become an Expert Copywriter & Convert Traffic into Sales

If you're a business owner with an online presence and you want to increase the amount of sales and leads you get through your website, this training is for you.

98% of websites have product descriptions that are poorly-written and they lose out on tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each year. Don't be one of them.



Sales Calls & In Person Meetings

Become a Top-Performing Closer

If you work in a call center, you do face-to-face sales, or you're a business owner who makes their own sales calls, this program is for you.

Develop the training, rapport-building, and rapid transformation skills to quickly release some (previously-unknown) behaviors that are getting in the way from making more money.

Only Available at Limitless Academy™

The Mind Control Sales Formula Developed by Industry Experts

It took us four years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn from the world's leading Psychologists, Hypnotists, NLP Trainers, and Intelligence Agency Consultants to develop this psychological sales system that will give you a major advantage.

This formula is developed exclusively by Limitless Academy™ and The Surefire Sales System™. No other sales training program in the world teaches this.

You will be one of the first and only people with access to this information (April 2018).



Sales Training

Effortlessly Handle Objections

Every prospect is going to have objections. If you don't handle them the right way (or at all), you're never going to close the sales you need.

Learn how to properly address objections based on the personality type of the customer you're talking to and develop the internal frame control and confidence to remove any objection with ease.

Increase Motivation

None of the sales training you get in the world will do you any good if you're not motivated to learn, adjust, and put it to use.

In this training, you will learn the peak performance strategies designed to rapidly increase motivation and productivity in your sales process today.


If You're an Entrepreneur

Grow Your Business

Whether you're communicating with others (influence), making sales, pitching investors, or hiring the right talent; sales is the fundamental backbone of growing your business.

The communication, influence, and persuasion skills you learn in this program will give you the tools you need to succeed today.

The Premier Sales Training Program of 2018

The Surefire Sales System™ is Broken Down into Four Areas:


Through this training, our team of experienced sales trainers deconstructed every single limitation of the sales process that you face, and learned how to remove your struggles one by one; until there are none left.

This leads you to the point where nothing will hold you back from increasing your conversion rates and allowing you to earn the income you deserve.

Module 1

Rapidly Boost Motivation & Confidence

Peak Performance Strategies of Top Sales Professionals

Rapidly Boost Motivation, Confidence, and Charisma

Create the Internal Adjustments of High-Performance Selling

Learn How to...

Supercharge Your Motivation

The unique formula developed by a team of leading psychologists and performance coaches is the quick and effortless way to boost motivation in what you are doing.



Quickly Develop

Unbreakable Frame Control

When it comes to handling objections, presenting your offer, and taking control of the sales process; none of the information you learn will matter if you don't hold the stronger frame. This is where you become a leader.

Learn How to...

Rapid Learning Techniques

This is how you bridge the gap between academic knowledge and incorporating these sales skills into your behavior, and therefore into your results.



Learn How to...

Boost Confidence & Charisma

The greatest lie we are told is that we are either born with it or we are not. By utilizing these breakthrough exercises, you'll discover how to rapidly boost your charisma and social skills; all stemming from tapping into your deeply-rooted confidence.

Learn How to...

Reach Peak Performance Levels

In this module, you'll learn some of the motivation and focus strategies of some of the top performers in the world.



Learn How to...

Eliminate Cold Calling Anxiety & Fear of Rejection

After working with hundreds of clients one-on-one, the number one thing that prevented them from moving forward with their business idea is the fear of what happens if they fail.

Utilizing the latest breakthroughs in transformational psychology, we can effectively release this fear so you are motivated enough to move forward with the idea you choose; confident it will succeed from the start.

Learn How to...

Increase Productivity with Less Energy Expenditure

Everything from the foods you eat, the media you consume, all the way down to the clothes you choose to wear in the morning have subtle drains on your emotional energy.

When you learn how to optimize your energy levels, you'll accomplish more; and therefore earn more than the rest.




Does This Work if I Don't Have the Salesperson Personality Type?

Yes. There are different sales personas, ranging from "The Hard Closer", the Authentic and Genuine Salesperson, to the Overly-Apologetic Salesperson who closes sales because people can see he's not sleazy!

It's a common myth that you need a dominant, typical sales-person type persona, because that is only what gets fame in the movies.

This program transforms you into the most confident salesperson based on what your natural personality type already is. We have case studies of each.

Module 2

Increase Conversion Rates Online & Offline

Advanced Training in Sales & Copywriting

Take Your Existing Sales Skills to Even Higher Levels

How to Develop a Deeper-Level Understanding of the Most Important Sales Principles!


You're Going to...

Overcome Any Objection with Complete Agreement

With the frame control strategies learned in module one, this is where you will learn the techniques and strategies to overcome any objection with complete and total agreement on the customer's end.



You're Going to...

Rapidly Creating the Buyer's Psychological Profile

Most sales advice is generic and vague.

The truth is that each and every person has their own unique psychological makeup and set of buying strategies, where what works with one person will most certainly not work with another.

Develop the skills to rapidly identify the buying profile of your customer, and implement your sales strategies based on the person you're selling.

You're Going to...

Effective Closing Strategies

When it comes time to close the sale, you are about to learn a list of proven closing strategies that will lead to more sales today.



You're Going to...

Build Rapport Within the First 5 Seconds (The Icebreaker Method)

Rapport is everything: But if you do too much too soon, you go to deep, or you drag the rapport building process on for too long, you'll seriously diminish the interest in the main objective of the sale; going for the close.

You're Going to...

Know When (& When Not to) Inject Scarcity

Everybody knows that scarcity boosts the emotions. The fear of loss is a powerful motivator. But there is a right time and a wrong time to inject scarcity, and by strategically delivering your message; you'll be certain to hit the nail on the head.


Being Able to Close Individual Sales is Not Enough

The Strategies Used to Develop a Surefire Sales System™ that Converts Consistently at 60% Over the Phone & Up to 7% Online

Module 3

Develop a System that Converts Consistently

This is Where You Take Closing a Sale by Chance, and Turn it into a System

In Module 3 of this Program, You'll be Developing Your Own Surefire Sales System:

Quickly & Effectively...

Remove Sales-Killing Elements from Your Sales Process

There is always something that is slowing down or forcing leads to exit your sales process.

In this module, you will learn the tools, training, and strategies to be able to quickly recognize which elements those are, remove them; so less sales will be lost. This training literally pays for itself and it will save you time.



Learn How to...

Highlight and Optimize the 7 Core Elements of Any Sales System

When you incorporate these 7 core elements in your sales system, before you present the offer; you're going to close the sale.

Missing out on any single one of them will result in the customer not buying.

This All Leads to...

Sales That Convert Consistently

Through this module of the training, we will deconstruct every element of your sales call, your sales page, and your sales process to polish it up and turn it into a system that convers consistently.

We remove the things that have been holding you back, and improve upon the things that lead to more sales.

This is where rapid learning, rapid growth, rapid change, and repid execution come into play


Module 4

Mind Control Sales | Psychology Behind the Sale

This is an Advanced Level Training, Exclusively for Experienced Salespeople

In this program, you're going to learn things that no other sales training in the world will teach you this.

When you learn how the human mind and body work at the deepest levels, you'll be able to effortlessly get to get the customer to buy, just as easy as if you're pushing a button.

Behind the customer's buying behavior, is a series of mental and emotional strategies:

These are the most advanced sales principles that you will ever learn in your entire life.

Literally no other program in the world will teach you what you're about to learn today...

Learning Things by Yourself is the Hard (& Long) Way

It'll Take Years & Tens of Thousands in Lost Revenue to Learn this by Yourself


After learning these sales skills ourselves, we've gotten these amazing results....

Those fears we used to have are gone. We are more motivated than ever. We have high levels of energy and flow state. Our confidence and charisma is through the roof, and we radiate to others. We are always winning the competition. Nobody can keep up to our level.

The sales system converts. Consistently.

The only thing left to do is to sit back, let the system do the work for us, and let the sales practically convert themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Alleviate Any Concerns Before Enrolling in This Program.

What makes this program unique?

This training program has three Unique Elements to it:

Motivation: The internal motivation, confidence, and charisma you'll develop will be the fuel that drives the engine of the skills you learn.

Experience: Our sales instructor has closed over $3,000,000 in sales by the time he was 19 years old. Our performance coach has worked with top professionals, millionaire entrepreneurs, and professional athletes that you won't get from any typical sales training book or course.

Latest Breakthroughs in Sales Psychology: The information you're about to learn here is so new and so cutting edge, that it isn't even taught in psychology schools.

Income disclosure statement.

The amount of money you make is entirely dependent on you and (as anything in life) nothing is guaranteed. The results you get are depending on your motivation, experience, and persistence; this program is simply here to guide you along the way.

What kind of sales does this program work for?

  • Copywriting & Online Sales
  • Telephone Sales
  • Face-to-Face Sales
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Raising Capital

When will I get my course materials?

You will get instant access to the private membership area (for the training program). For my services, you will get access to schedule our strategy call together immediately after payment.

This is a program built for people who are ready to start applying what I teach to use. Therefore, upon initial registration, you will be given your first assignment, you will email it over to your instructor to review; and from there we will open up the content for the rest of the course based on your individual needs.

Register Today for the Video Training Course and Get One Free Business Coaching Session

Logan Parrette, Sales & Sales Systems Training (Practical Skills)

Logan Parrette Closed Over $3,000,000 in Sales by Age 19

Sales Training Comes from Experience

Spending his entire adult life working in sales, Logan Parrette is going to teach you what it takes to be so effective at closing so many sales at such a young age.

Regardless of your past education, experience, or lack-there-of; this program is for you.


Andrew Alexander, Peak Performance Coach (Motivation & Confidence)

Andrew Alexander Has Worked with Some of the Top Performers in All Industries

Nothing Will Ever Hold You Back Again

Before founding Limitless Academy in 2015, Andrew Alexander built a digital magazine publishing company up to 1,300,000 downloads, sold upwards of 13,000+ physical and digital products, as well as closed service-based sales over the phone and in person for $250 per hour and $6,000 per package.

Coming from a background of never identifying as a salesperson before, nervous, full of anxiety, and fearing rejection and failure; Andrew became a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 2014, and has since been trained as an NLP Master Practitioner, hypnosis, as well as studied under the mentorship of some of the leading psychologists in the world.

After creating these rapid transformations on himself to boost his sales confidence and release his fears, Andrew created inner transformations formulas, which he has used to help some of the top performers in the world, including business owners, CEOs of companies, as well as Venture Capitalists, Hedge Fund Managers, and Professional Athletes.


Past Students from Limitless Academy

Just Some of the Success Stories from Helping Others Since 2015

Reasonable Expectations Information: Please Read Before Enrolling.

The testimonials above, including the examples of business successes by Andrew Alexander are all real and authentic. One former student of this program did over $30,000 in sale with his physical product Amazon business in December 2017 alone. He took this training in 2015, and it took him consistency and business work ethic to reach that level of success. Now he is there. With that being said, enrolling this program is not a guarantee of having a successful business, making money, or achieving the same levels of success as described above. This is an educational training program, just like any course taught at top colleges and universities; the success you have depends on what you do with the information you put to use, your motivation, as well as other factors. Please only enroll in this program if you have the dedication and commitment to actually build a business. If you think taking this one program will build the business for you, please do not enroll because you will be wasting your time.

If You're Looking to Increase Revenue & Close Rates

The Surefire Sales Training That Brings in More Sales Today

The Surefire Sales System™

Stop Losing Out on Valuable Sales

  • Increase Conversion Rates Online (Copywriting)
  • Close More Sales Calls
  • Become an Expert Salesperson Today

Take Your Sales & Conversion Rates to That Next Level Today

We Offer Single Sessions, Multi-Month Coaching, and a Self-Study Video Course



  • 3 Sessions
  • 60-Minute Sessions
  • Follow-Up Email Support
  • Skype or Phone
  • Sales Skills (Logan)
  • Peak Performance (Andrew)
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  • Complete Video Training Program
  • Self-Study Workbook
  • Instant Access Online Academy
  • 60-Day Full Email Support
  • Bonus: One Free Coaching Call
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


$1,995 - $4,995

  • Everything Listed Above
  • Self-Study Video Course
  • 6-12 Inner-Game Sessions
  • Create a Sales System that Converts
  • Phone Sales Coaching
  • Face-to-Face Sales Coaching
  • Online Copywriting Systems
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Network & Mastermind
  • Skype or Phone sessions
  • Corporate Packages Available

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