Limitless Academy Mission Statement

“Limitless Academy educates some the most highly-motivated and successful entrepreneurs in the world. We offer business coaching and self-study training programs to help you boost motivation, develop your product and service, increase sales, bring more qualified leads into your business, and give you all the tools you need to succeed with your business today.”

Andrew Alexander, Founder & CEO

My first business was an iOS app company, which grew to a user base of 1,300,000 downloads; and I eventually sold that business in April, 2018. I currently own Evolution Limitless, a Personal Development &  NLP Practitioner Training & Certification Company, and help people break free from the life they feel stuck in so they too can live the life of their dreams.

In 2011, I read a few books on entrepreneurship, drove 2,000 mile across the country to get mentored by 100+ million-dollar business owners; taking 2.5 years to build my first successful business.

Since 2014, after my app company took off, I’ve helped other entrepreneurs start 485+ companies through my coaching services at Limitless Academy.

I have extensive training an experience in:

  • Product Development
  • Website Design,
  • Copywriting, Influence, and Consumer Psychology
  • Person-to-Person Sales
  • Content Marketing
  • Rapidly Boosting Motivation

I built Limitless Academy to help entrepreneurs release the struggle of growing their business; so they can get more sales, more qualified leads coming in, and have all the tools, training, education, and resources to succeed with their business.

I am currently spending the next year writing my next business book and traveling the world filming YouTube videos to grow my brand.

Contact Email: Andrew@LimitlessAcademy.com